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  • An independent carrier makes all deliveries. Deliveries outside of our local area are shipped F.O.B. our warehouse, or store freight collect. You pay for hoisting or other extraordinary measures necessary to accomplish delivery. Prices quoted do not include special crating or deliveries. Buyer is responsible for determining that merchandise will fit through doorways, stairways, corridors, and elevators. If not, additional charges may be incurred. Delivery will only be made via customary means such as through doorways, stairways (limited to one (1) floor) and elevators. Special delivery circumstances will incur additional costs. Salotti shall not be liable for any for any loss or damage resulting from delay in performance of failure to perform which is attributable to any cause beyond its immediate control., including, but not limited to: Acts of God, fire or other catastrophes, strikes, pickets, civil or military authority, fabrication delays, inability to obtain material, transportation delays or other causes beyond its control. Buyer agrees that this invoice may not be cancelled due to any such delay. In accepting the merchandise into the home, the person accepting same is certifying that Buyer has inspected the merchandise and found it to be in good condition.

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